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Top 10 Digital Identity Solutions Companies in APAC - 2022

With the rise of the metaverse and web 3.0, it is now more important than ever for businesses and individuals to use a dependable and secure digital identity solution to protect their data. The metaverse–an embodied internet 'that you're inside rather than just looking at'–allows users to transition from the actual world into a completely immersive virtual environment, while web 3.0 decentralizes enterprise technologies. Both of these technological genres offer a new perspective into digital identity validation, perceived like never before.

Some of the newer developments within the digital identity space add greater sophistication, taking into considerations some of the newer trends and developments. As a result, in a digital world, digital identity technologies will become critical to verify individuals and businesses that are collaborating with one another. However, in the metaverse context, it is vital to rethink the concept of digital identity as a core component of online personas. Similarly, as new breakthrough technologies emerge, the demand for a reliable digital identity solution has grown. To this purpose, developers of identification solutions are now coming up with a variety of novel mechanisms to provide clients with secure digital identity solutions.

At this juncture, there is a wide variety of Digital Identity Solutions providers entering the industry with a set of advanced and integrated offerings. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed solution providers, CIOReview Europe has compiled a list of the leading players in the field. This edition also offers a combination of thought leadership from subject-matter experts with real-life stories on fostering robust partnerships and exclusive insights from CIOs and CXOs. We hope this edition will provide you with the right assistance in choosing the best Digital Identity Solutions providers according to your requirements.

We present to you CIOReview Europe’s “Top 10 Digital Identity Solutions Providers in APAC - 2022”.

    Top Digital Identity Solutions Companies in APAC

  • Aratek is a global leader in multi-biometric and multi-factor authentication technologies

  • As a pioneer of open-source orchestration, Nebulas Tree’s helps clients navigate the IT and cybersecurity space. Nebulas Tree conducts complimentary workshops to assist organizations in better understanding the standards like SAML, OIDC, providing them with code samples and demonstrations on the working of different applications like Salesforce and Anaplan with open standards.Nebulas Tree has partnered with Secret Double Octopus, a software company specializing in password-less authentication.

  • NETAND offers identity and access management solutions to protect organizations’ complex IT infrastructure.

  • SocialID build sustainable IAM transformation journeys to solve business problems, while keeping innovation at heart and IT controls as the backbone.

  • A cybersecurity solution provider that enables users to have two-factor authentication by binding the account to a certified security key.

  • Digital iD

    Digital iD

    Digital iD™ offers everything its clients need to confidently verify and onboard new customers and candidates. Digital iD™ checks its customer's identity documents back to trusted issuer records, giving an almost instant result, helping them to seamlessly onboard new customers, reduce dropout rates, and the cost of verification. Digital iD™ makes it easier for its customers to verify their identity to the level one requires. Easily integrated into their experience, Digital iD™ helps one meet their compliance obligations, boost its conversion rates and build trust.

  • truuth


    At truuth, their mission is to provide the world's most secure, accurate, and user-friendly digital identity service. In 2020 they built a set of products for enterprises that allowed businesses to offer industry-leading solutions for their customers throughout their on-boarding and identity verification processes. Their truuth KYC product will solve inherent weaknesses in current KYC processes by harnessing multiple biometrics and dynamic liveness testing to provide a secure and seamless onboarding experience. truuth Identity will harness the benefits of its multiple-biometric approach to provide customers with more secure identity verification and enterprises can leverage real-time identity scoring to prompt higher levels of authentication as necessary.

  • VIDA


    VIDA provides a digital identity platform across digital channels with the highest standards of security and compliance. Their Digital Identity platforms support end-to-end digital customer lifecycle for any use case. VIDA operates as a Certificate Authority (CA), licensed, certified, and rooted in Indonesia by the Ministry of ICT (Kominfo) to issue legally binding Digital IDs and digital signatures to individuals and institutions. VIDA biometrically validates identities against authoritative sources, such as the Indonesian National Identity Database (Dukcapil eKTP) and Singapore National Digital Identity databases.



    WISE AI is an Artificial Intelligence company specialized in eKYC and Digital Identity. WISE AI is an award-winning Artificial Intelligence company specializing in digital identity technologies. They develop world-class emerging deep tech that is adopted by the government and multiple industries. Their AI-powered solutions include EKYC, digital ID, digital signature, and blockchain. The company's technology is optimized for the recognition of ASEAN faces and is integrated into many applications and solutions developed by partners from various industries such as banking and finance, fintech, credit rating, retail, internet, and government services.

  • ZADA


    ZADA is a Digital Identity Technology Company, driven to ensure everyone can provide and use digital services without risk for fraud or privacy intrusion. They want service providers to have a simple customer identity management and due diligence process while enabling end-users to be in total control of their identity. They are here to revolutionize how people interact with organizations digitally, instantly proving whom they are while also protecting their privacy. Their ambition is that every person will have a ZADA wallet on their phone holding their most important credentials (passport, driver's license, credit score, proof of employment, educational degree, etc).