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Norio Fujita, Founder and Representative Director, Soft GikenNorio Fujita, Founder and Representative Director
Born into a family of entrepreneurial geniuses, Norio Fujita grew up watching his parents and older brother’s passion for developing new products and sales efforts in improving the market approach for their ramen business. This heritage, fueled by his experiences, led Fujita to enter the field of technology, and in 1983 he started Soft Giken, a digital solutions company. With an impressive start of working with national and local government bodies to develop a disaster prevention information system, Soft Giken today continues to surge ahead, making significant strides in areas such as identity and authentication management. Presently, as most companies continue to work under a hybrid operational agenda, Soft Giken’s YubiOn solution enables stakeholders to tackle issues they could face with advanced security measures such as multifactor authentication and FIDO. “Our software fosters a ZeroTrust work environment that equips both internal and external entities related with to a business with the necessary capabilities to handle all kinds of data sets safely and securely,” accentuates Norio Fujita, Founder and Representative Director at Soft Giken.

In 2010, as digitization was becoming a buzzword and growing into the enterprise culture, Fujita realized the idea of using a security key to address varied identity authentication problems. With the advent of a new age in the digital transformation of workflows, and cloud computing IT environments, Soft Giken developed the YubiOn solution to address the requirements of a more modern business infrastructure. Emphasizing this approach, Fujita says, “There is a need for a security solution that can be used without affecting Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) and Azure Active Directory, and we are enhancing our YubiOn solution to meet these needs.”

To offer a full ensemble of security features and functionalities, Soft Giken offers multiple variants of its platform based on a client’s needs. The YubiOn FIDO Logon version enables users to provision two-factor authentication by binding the account to a FIDO-certified security key. Adaptable across different account types, the solution can be used for local active directory accounts, personal Microsoft accounts, local PC accounts, and Azure AD accounts with additional support for Microsoft 365. “Once the registration is complete, a user can log in without using a password, and instead use a pin code, biometric key, or fingerprint authentication,” expresses Fujita.
For clients that want only entrylevel system security, the YubiOn Portal allows for authentication by entering a unique one-time password that is generated by Soft Giken’s proprietary Yubico OTP functionality. In a closed network environment, users can choose to implement the YubiOn Standalone option to improve security for Windows or Mac login with YubiKey two-factor authentication. “We have developed the YubiOn portal for easy management of YubiKey and connected accounts on the cloud, and heightened Windows/Mac login with two-factor authentication,” elucidates Fujita. In addition, Soft Giken also offers the YubiOn FIDO2 Server edition offerings better experiences of logging into a cloud or appliance server (currently available only in Japan).

With a password-less structure being touted across organizations, the fact remains that it is very difficult and costly to ensure consistent security at the PC level or the cloud, or various business applications. In this respect, the YubiOn Solution has a zero initial installation cost and very reasonable maintenance cost that assures low-cost and highperformance advantage. As the protection of personal information is vital across the pharmaceutical industry, the use of the YubiOn FIDO2 Server proved critical for a medical company looking to create a personnel authentication stronghold by using the latest FIDO2 standards to access a PC and handle the identifiable data. “They use the ‘YubiOn FIDO2® Server’ cloud service to strengthen two-factor authentication for their own services that handle personal information,” comments Fujita. Likewise, a strong security environment is realized using YubiKey, which is also a FIDO2 authentication device.

We Have Developed A Yubion Portal To Easily Manage "Accounts Connected To Yubikey" On The Cloud, And Enhanced Windows / Mac Login With Two-factor Authentication

A new feature to be added to the YubiOn solution set is the YubiOn Portal plus SSO function that is set for release in the second quarter of 2022. Users will be able to access their systems utilizing YubiKey as a Single Sign-In option and can also add their own SSO keys if warranted. To open the doors for further advancement of security for its clients, Soft Giken is researching and developing authentication solutions that are future-ready to combat disruptions enterprises may face going forward. “By participating in the working group as a Sponsor Level Member of the FIDO alliance, we will grasp the latest standards at an early stage and utilize them to develop new authentication solutions,” concludes Fujita.
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Norio Fujita, Founder and Representative Director

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